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Now in the search bar we must copy “network.dns.disablePrefetchFromHTTPS”. We should see a bar just below that says “true” and we must change by clicking on the “Toggle” logo located on the right side and we will see how it changes to “false”. Recently I implemented patches to implement DNS prefetching in Firefox.

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The engine renders web pages much faster than it ever did in the Gecko era. Firefox supports DNS over HTTPS (DoH) out of the box, but you need to perform extra steps to The X-DNS-Prefetch-Control HTTP response header controls DNS prefetching, a feature by which browsers proactively  However, the user may wish to disable prefetching.

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Delete every content on the folder full of shit. user_pref ("network.connectivity-service.enabled", false); user_pref ("browser.startup.homepage", "about:blank"); user_pref ("browser.newtabpage.enabled", false); user_pref network.dns.disablePrefetchFromHTTPS puis passer ce dernier à FALSE. network.predictor.enable-prefetch à mettre à TRUE. Le premier paramètre permet d'activer le préchargement des DNS des sites HTTPS. Le second active la prédiction de clic et le préchargement des liens.

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network.dns.disablePrefetchFromHTTPS=true(真偽型):TLSを使用したページでの挙動の制御。 リンクの上にポインタが載った時の投機的接続の抑止. network.http.speculative-parallel-limit=0(整数型) 次の設定は、v86で削除されています。. // 安全な接続ではない警告時のレポートを送信しない security.ssl.errorReporting.automatic [false] security.ssl.errorReporting.enabled [false] security.ssl.errorReporting.url [空欄] browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.feeds.snippets が false に設定されていれば必要ないらしいので、次の設定は除外しました。. i made “network.dns.disablePrefetchFromHTTPS,” in about:config for the cloudflare problem so i don’t need them to mother-hen my traffic through “Cloudflare.” from: Firefox continues push to bring DNS over HTTPS by default for US users Search for network.dns.disablePrefetchFromHTTPS and set the preference to FALSE (this enables prefetching of DNS on HTTPS sites) Search for network.predictor.enable-prefetch and set the preference to TRUE (lets Firefox predict which links users will click on next to preload them). Policy Templates for Firefox.

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Desde la versión 3.5 Firefox soporta la precarga (prefetch) de DNS. Esta es una característica por la que Firefox lleva a cabo de forma proactiva la resolución de nombres de dominio en los enlaces que el usuario puede seguir, así como las direcciones URL para artículos referenciados por el documento, incluyendo imágenes, CSS, JavaScript, y… 4/1/2021 · network.dns.disablePrefetchFromHTTPS = true; network.predictor.enabled = false; network.predictor.enable-prefetch = false; network.prefetch-next = false; 3. Importing an Already-Hardened Firefox Profile.

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Google Chrome has a feature like this too. 1. Fortify Your Firefox Browsing by Tweaking the Settings. As is always the case, everything in life is about compromise. If you want to give up some measure of convenience for the sake of privacy and security, you have to disable some features. Disable Firefox prefetching pages it thinks you will visit next: Prefetching causes cookies from the prefetched site to be loaded and other potentially unwanted behavior.

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DNS over HTTPS attempts to fix this by sending DNS requests in encrypted form to a  DNS Over HTTPS offers another option. Mozilla added the core functionality in Firefox 60 and ran  The prompt explains what the feature does and includes an option to disable it. Firefox disable prefetch. Chrome disable prediction. Firefox: Make thumbnails of https pages not grey?